Our Town

The winding streets of Al Balad are a walk down memory lane and a gateway to the unique cultural legacy of Saudi Arabia that has withstood the test of time. The spirit of this town was recognized in 2014 when it was classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You will find your heart anchored in a live portrait of the past. The buildings adorned with wooden lattice windows that once witnessed the hustle-bustle of the early trading days of Jeddah, warmly welcome new faces from around the globe.


Being the multicultural beating heart of Jeddah, Al Balad offers an exquisite pairing of authentic and contemporary flavors that will bring you back for more!

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The dusty streets, coral stone buildings and vibrant stores of Al Balad are telling a story, calling out to be unfolded through all your senses.

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With more than 400 ancient homes that maintain the unique Hijazi culture and architecture, the small region serves as a time capsule for locals and visitors alike.

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Al Balad Art Scene

Encompassing the traditional Arabian art forms and introducing fresh talents–the artistic landscape of Al Balad is expanding! Witness the growing ambition of artisans to preserve and highlight the unique cultural heritage of Al Balad through exhibitions, workshops and more.

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shop like a local

Bustling with street vendors, the Souqs of Al Balad are reminiscent of early Arabia. From fabrics and jewels to spices and souvenirs, the brightly colored stores land visitors and locals the best bargains to this day.

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Visitor center

Al Balad, with its rich religious history, bold colors, thought-provoking art and delectable flavors, invites you to join the family and become a part of the tale to be told by generations.

Wondering where to start? The Visitor Center will provide all the help you need. Open from 8am till 11pm you can find friendly tour guides, helpful maps and brochures to get directions and more. Get an immersive overview of the Al Balad!

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